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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Can I Reach 100 in 6 Months? YES, I Can

Three weeks before my first 6 months are up and I need to lose 11 pounds to reach my  doctor-recommended, primary goal of  a 101 pound loss. Right now I have been losing about 10-12 per month so I need to step it up to hit my target. The good news is I have been stuck at 90 pounds down for almost a week, another dreaded plateau of no weight loss over several days. However, in my upcoming book, assuming it gets published, I show how to mentally overcome the annoying but frequent plateaus that can interfere with your continued weight loss. If you would like to buy the book some day, answer the poll question at the end of this blog. That is, if I ever figure out how to post the poll question! (I just figured it out)

I have updated my blog in other ways - I finally got around to posting some before and after pictures as well as a few comparisons. Eileen tells me the "afters" don't do justice to my new trimmer figure but I will add more over the next few weeks. Let me know with a comment below if you can tell the difference. 

I was going to include today some of my ideas for my after-diet, new life, including one MAJOR surprise but Eileen tells me we have to go shopping for some jeans and shirts (again) now. Though I dislike clothes shopping, I like the idea that they keep getting too big and for the right reason.

By my next posting I will have also added a sample from my book, "I'm Michael and I WAS Fat" and hopefully another poll question. (see the disclaimer above about my technical lack of know-how)

Oh yes, I almost forgot: I am working on a new sideline: post-op weight loss coach. Details to follow.

If you have any questions about anything, write to me at: All thoughts are welcome.


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