How many more pounds should I lose

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Look! There's the Finish Line!

4 months 2 weeks, 83 pounds down, 18 to go.

  • I am no longer heavy, just overweight (YEA)
  • I have decided that after I get to 101 pounds lost in 6 months I will lose another 10 (slowly)
  • I have not yet determined how to add calories to get to the 2300 I need to stop losing weight (I am still at 900-100/day)
  • I had my first beer. Dr. Abkin said I could have one every now and then. It was only so-so, causing a little discomfort.
  • My book proposal is almost ready for submission. For those who do not know, I am writing a self-help book called "I'm Michael and I WAS Fat" that will discuss an important but overlooked topic in a crowded field of diet books: sharing the mental process that leads to permanent weight loss success
  • More new clothes- jeans for the first time in 20 years (42 reg-fit waist down from 55 -relaxed fit)
  • I may not need the food scale soon, Eileen has an amazing eye for what foods weigh.
  • Speaking of Eileen, thanks again for signing the document that gives you the right to oversee my diet (ie. nag). Your constant reminders to eat slowly, chew completely and concentrate on my meals have kept me from "getting food stuck" and your listening has allowed me to understand the issues
  • Thanks also to everyone who has supported me; your good thoughts have given added strength


PS Happy birthday, Mom. ly

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Judgmental People and other annoying stuff

For starters, take another look at that weight loss total on the ticker above. Yup! 75 down, 26 to go. Admittedly, when I get to my goal I probably won't stop at that point, maybe lose another 10 or so but..goals are goals and I am almost there!

I promised to mention the bet I foolishly made and as of today I have now won. I bet my nephew months before I even started the diet that I would lose 75 pounds by the time I went to Hawaii in January. In January! Yet here it is September 8th and I have won already. Sorry, Marc. Now, why was it a dumb bet for me? Because we bet a big dinner at Don Pepe Steakhouse, that's why. Big to me is a salad and an appetizer. Big to him is a chorizo appetizer and a 28 oz steak. Not good odds for me but I am glad I won. (He's glad, too)

I went to a birthday BBQ last weekend (Happy b-day Michele and Stacy) and saw many people who hadn't seen me in the last four months. Boy, were they ever surprised at how I look. Many of them offered me congratulations on how well I am doing. It still feels good to hear. However, I was surprised by a few who remain convinced that if I had just a little willpower and stick-to-it-ness, exercised more, I wouldn't have needed the LapBand. I guess that many people feel that way but (mercifully) don't share those thoughts. Imagine telling a lung cancer patient during their chemo they should have used more willpower and not smoked. Not to mention that numerous studies show that fat people "see" food differently than normal-weight ones.

To everyone who was interested at the party, I shared the essence of how I have come to view obesity and the LapBand. Some normal-weight people may argue with my ideas but unless you are fat (I find the word obese a little condescending) you are not in a position to disagree:

1- Fat people are fat because they usually don't process that they are full. This may be behavioral or physiological but the effect is the same.

2- Fat people fail on diets because they eventually get hungry. It doesn't matter what "trick" of the day they are using: Jenny Craig, Atkins, South Beach, etc. At some point they get hungry and then they will fail.

3- The LapBand, your little friend, whispers two important things to you: You are full and You are not hungry. That means that with a LapBand, you can go on a diet of your choosing and be successful. 

That is what I have done. Gone on a diet and have succeeded (so far) because I am not hungry.

Having said that, there are plenty of anecdotes about LapBanders who have failed. DUH! Merely having a LapBand doesn't guarantee success, you have to watch yourself forever. It won't prevent you from slurping milk shakes or eating ice cream. However, if you are thoughtful about your ongoing approach to food, you cannot fail because you can NEVER OVEREAT AGAIN. No more large pizzas, or double orders of fries or ... you get the picture. The LapBand is your friend!

Finally, a lot of people have questioned my commitment vis-a-vis the exercise thing. It will come in due time. It doesn't make me a bad person because I haven't started (AND my doctor has requested once again as of last week to wait before I start). So, PLEASE don't impose your value system on me and I promise not to impose mine on you. It makes me think of a clever sign I intend to get made: Enter but please leave your "shoulds" at the door.

Next update: My surgeon has requested me to share my insights with new potential patients.