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Monday, May 30, 2011

End of Week 3----Surprise! Mickey's First Night Out

Status Report: End of week 3 of the New Life. We went to Pal's Restaurant last night and I had my first dinner out. Menu: Wine 4 oz, wait 30 minutes (per restrictions)Appetizer: String Beans(steamed) Main Course: 4 oz, Flounder, 3 oz string beans. Dessert: (at home) 2 tablespoon low-fat sugar-free choc pudding. Total cal: 300. Total for the day: 655. 

Mood: Ebullient

I also had my first post-op follow up on Thursday and the doctor was most pleased with my weight loss and my attitude. He okayed Phase 3 of the diet---regular food that is soft and mushy..."Anything you can mash easily with a fork such as soft-cooked veggies, flaky fish, tuna, egg whites." I said, "I can mash pizza with a fork." He laughed.

Next follow up is in a month when he may tighten the band if I need it. From my reading other blogs on lapband websites I see that my surgeon is unique in not having a set schedule of tightenings. Instead it is entirely up to me and my progress. If I am losing wight and don't need appetite-suppressant augmentation, we leave it alone. Otherwise, he tightens.

Last night Eileen and I mapped out a menu at our favorite restaurant that would keep me within the guidelines. I bundled up my scale, artificial butter flavoring and 3 family peeps (Stacy, Marc, Charney) who wanted to be there at "Mickey's First Meal." Unlike the other night at my niece's bris celebration, I didn't feel like I was in a fishbowl with everyone watching: "What is he eating? Can you see?" I detail the menu above.

I felt relaxed with them and great afterwards and am amazed that I could eat so little and be so satisfied!

As I write this, Eileen is calling from the other room if we can go somewhere tonight also. She has been so-o-o patient and supportive of the process, even eating home with me many times over the last few weeks. To those who know her, they know what a sacrifice that is for her. She also reviews my food intake carefully to keep me in line. She also can't wait to help me buy new clothes in a few months, too!

stay tuned


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Landmark Day!

I was emptying the dishwasher today and found I had reached a new landmark. When I bend over I usually huff and puff as my (excess) stomach impinges my diaphragm and I can't breathe easily. Today, however, NO HUFFING OR PUFFING!

Next stop: No groaning as I bend!

Monday, May 23, 2011

End of Week 2

2 weeks are officially over.

14 days of my new life and I feel as motivated as ever.

The scale continues to be kind to me but according to my calculations I have saved 42,370 calories so far so the registered loss is no surprise. My first public announcement of my weight loss will occur at the end of the first month. At this rate the number promises to be a doozy!

My first follow up with the surgeon is on Thursday (3 days away) and I hope he allows me to progress to the next level of food- the "Modified Regular Diet." Though the "Full Liquids Phase" has been kind to me, I am starting to get a teenie bit bored with it. There are only so many combinations of Oikos Yogurt, Cream of Wheat, Sugar-Free Jello, Fat Free Tomato soup or Cream of Chicken soup (don't get excited it isn't real "cream" soup) Fat-Free and Sugar-Free Chocolate Pudding.

The next phase will add soft-ish foods such as tuna, flaky fishes, some soft-cooked veggies and ... I better stop there. I don't want to get ahead of myself. On a different note, I hope to get the go-ahead to begin exercising. The small incisions have healed nicely and I have no "band" pain at all. I do have occasional mild indigestion when I stand up but that too is passing with each day.

In my next post I will discuss what it is like to be in "food jail."