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Friday, September 28, 2012


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"I'm Michael and I WAS Fat"

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Honey I Shrunk My Waist!


8 months have passed since my surgery and I have exceeded my wildest expectations. Sure, I knew (hoped) I would hit my initial target goal of 100 pounds lost by the end of six months, but I am still losing about a pound a week now without really trying. I am down to 209 (from 319) and have set a final goal of 200.  I should be there by Passover/Easter.


I bought new clothes for a trip to Hawaii in early January. Shopping at a "normal" store for the first time since...let's see now... Reagan was president, I was pleased to learn that my waist is now 38 (from 55) and my jacket size is 44 regular (from 58 extra, extra husky). Along with my new measurements, I need to get my ring re-sized as well as my watch. Furthermore I itched the top of my shoulder recently and rediscovered my clavicle (collarbone). 

As most of you know, I shaved off my beard and I am chagrined to have to do that shaving thing every day. However, I am sort of glad because I get to see the new me in the mirror all the time. 


I am almost finished with my book, "I'm Michael and I WAS Fat." If anyone knows of a literary agent who would be interested in representing me, please contact me at A complete book proposal is available upon request.

DVD: (YES, I said DVD!)

I gave a copy of my book proposal to a dear friend and producer, Carrol Mendelson, who subsequently forwarded it to her partner and also to a production studio in Boston. One conversation led to another and then to meetings and conference calls after which Carrol came back to me a few weeks later. "Mick, Woody [he's the owner of the production studio], Danna [Carrol's partner and creative contributor]and I have an idea. We think that what you are doing is timely, cutting edge and you have a lot to offer on a personal level with your approach to your weight loss surgery. We want to take your book and convert it into a DVD. Woody says he can get a national release through a large distributor and ultimately bundle the book and the DVD. Danna has read through the proposal and thinks she can get a dynamite script for you and we have a publicist who can get you the right exposure to make it all happen. What do you think?"

Showing my remarkable grasp of the English language, I answered, "Uh-huh."

Carrol: "Seriously, Mick, We all think this could be big. Did I tell you I am going to reach out to Joe Bologna as a potential narrator?"

Me: "Huh!"

Carrol: "Well, think about it and get back to me."

A few days later I called Carrol back and told her to run with it. I'd do whatever it takes to be successful.

Carrol: "Great! So, are you done with the book so we can start working on it?"

Me: "Uh...uh..." 

Carrol: "Well, we really need that so get to work."

Me: "Ok."

And that's where we stand on the DVD project: Me, working on the book and Carrol lining up the talent and other moving parts to be ready to go when I can finish it. 

Oh yes, one other thing:
We are still taking investors for the project. We are limited to the number we intend to accept so if you are interested you should contact me soon at for information


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Beyond 100 Pounds - __?__ and a Haircut

I know, I know. What the heck does that mean: __?__ and a Haircut? Well, it means that I am honoring a promise I made to Eileen (and others) that when I hit 100 pounds lost I would shave off my beard. Today I did that, after 32 consecutive years of having one. So I went to Lou, my barber for 40 years and said, "Off with it, Lou." I did not waver a bit, of course with a 4-person cheering section I had no choice. It took 15 minutes and then a few more to remind me how to shave and I am now clean-faced again. Amusingly when I stepped outside I said, "My face is cold!" Duh!

Here are the before, during and after pix:

I feel no different but the consensus is that I look 10 years younger. I'll let you be the judge.

Turkey Day tomorrow at my sister, Linda's. I have already listed my do-s and don't-s, which was mostly don't-s but I have decided to have some salmon dip. She makes it better than anyone and since I had a dream I was enjoying it, I concluded it must be right. (I hope I dream about mashed potatoes tonight)

The weight report shows 102 pounds lost through today. As predicted I have slowed down a little though I am eating less than 1300 calories per day.

Eileen and I celebrated at Le Bernardine in NY and, yes, I brought my  goodie bag with me. Since it is French cuisine the portions were small but no complaint from me; I left stuffed!

Finally, I went for a new pair of jeans yesterday and was pleased and chagrined that I am between sizes and will have to wait 10 more pounds before getting a pair that would fit. I am down from a 55 waist to a 39, which as we all know doesn't exist. For the naysayers among you, I brought a clothing consultant with me (Eileen) who, after making me try on more than a dozen pairs at three different stores, reluctantly concluded that I would need to wait for 38's to fit well. (Any complaints about that may be addressed to her)

Have a good holiday tomorrow, don't eat too much and I will be thinking of you as I eat my broccoli for dessert. (LOL)


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Yes, I Did!

Okay. I know 99 is not 100 but ...... it's close enough to say I did it, right?

I have decided to keep going. I want to lose another 12 or so but I will take my time. I need to start increasing my calories from my current 1100 or so up to the 2300 that is my daily breakeven. So I will naturally keep losing weight without trying very hard.

Then comes the rest of my life. People have asked me:

Are you going to keep counting calories? Yes, until I trust myself not to have to.
Are you going to exercise at long last?     Yes, I will. I have been saving it as my secret weapon to          
                                                              continue weight maintenance when I was done. (How's that for
                                                              a great rationalization? Thanks to my brother for figuring that one
Are you going to eat pizza again?            Yes, maybe a piece or 2 every now and then. However, I am
                                                             fearful of eating greasy or oily food because my system hasn't
                                                              seen it for so long, it may make me sick.
What are going to do on Thanksgiving?  This is easy! I won't have: salmon dip, corn chips, onion dip,
                                                             veggie dip, raw veggies, gravy, bread, crackers, dressing,
                                                             ketchup, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, and seconds of
                                                             turkey. Ditto pumpkin pie, pumpkin cookies, cherry tarts,
                                                             apple pie, jello mold, ice cream or sprinkles.
                                                             I will: bring my own salad+dressing, cooked broccoli and some
                                                             plain green beans for dessert. (Linda: read above)
Will you keep writing your blog?            Most definitely. This journey has no end.
How is your book coming along?           I will be getting my book proposal out next week, I hope with
                                                             my friend, Carrol's, help. She is eager to see me succeed.
When will you get some clothes that fit?  Next week
What is the big surprise you mentioned?  I will reveal all in 2 weeks.

Thanks for all your support, as always.


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Can I Reach 100 in 6 Months? YES, I Can

Three weeks before my first 6 months are up and I need to lose 11 pounds to reach my  doctor-recommended, primary goal of  a 101 pound loss. Right now I have been losing about 10-12 per month so I need to step it up to hit my target. The good news is I have been stuck at 90 pounds down for almost a week, another dreaded plateau of no weight loss over several days. However, in my upcoming book, assuming it gets published, I show how to mentally overcome the annoying but frequent plateaus that can interfere with your continued weight loss. If you would like to buy the book some day, answer the poll question at the end of this blog. That is, if I ever figure out how to post the poll question! (I just figured it out)

I have updated my blog in other ways - I finally got around to posting some before and after pictures as well as a few comparisons. Eileen tells me the "afters" don't do justice to my new trimmer figure but I will add more over the next few weeks. Let me know with a comment below if you can tell the difference. 

I was going to include today some of my ideas for my after-diet, new life, including one MAJOR surprise but Eileen tells me we have to go shopping for some jeans and shirts (again) now. Though I dislike clothes shopping, I like the idea that they keep getting too big and for the right reason.

By my next posting I will have also added a sample from my book, "I'm Michael and I WAS Fat" and hopefully another poll question. (see the disclaimer above about my technical lack of know-how)

Oh yes, I almost forgot: I am working on a new sideline: post-op weight loss coach. Details to follow.

If you have any questions about anything, write to me at: All thoughts are welcome.


Would you buy my book, "I'm Michael and I WAS Fat"

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Look! There's the Finish Line!

4 months 2 weeks, 83 pounds down, 18 to go.

  • I am no longer heavy, just overweight (YEA)
  • I have decided that after I get to 101 pounds lost in 6 months I will lose another 10 (slowly)
  • I have not yet determined how to add calories to get to the 2300 I need to stop losing weight (I am still at 900-100/day)
  • I had my first beer. Dr. Abkin said I could have one every now and then. It was only so-so, causing a little discomfort.
  • My book proposal is almost ready for submission. For those who do not know, I am writing a self-help book called "I'm Michael and I WAS Fat" that will discuss an important but overlooked topic in a crowded field of diet books: sharing the mental process that leads to permanent weight loss success
  • More new clothes- jeans for the first time in 20 years (42 reg-fit waist down from 55 -relaxed fit)
  • I may not need the food scale soon, Eileen has an amazing eye for what foods weigh.
  • Speaking of Eileen, thanks again for signing the document that gives you the right to oversee my diet (ie. nag). Your constant reminders to eat slowly, chew completely and concentrate on my meals have kept me from "getting food stuck" and your listening has allowed me to understand the issues
  • Thanks also to everyone who has supported me; your good thoughts have given added strength


PS Happy birthday, Mom. ly

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Judgmental People and other annoying stuff

For starters, take another look at that weight loss total on the ticker above. Yup! 75 down, 26 to go. Admittedly, when I get to my goal I probably won't stop at that point, maybe lose another 10 or so but..goals are goals and I am almost there!

I promised to mention the bet I foolishly made and as of today I have now won. I bet my nephew months before I even started the diet that I would lose 75 pounds by the time I went to Hawaii in January. In January! Yet here it is September 8th and I have won already. Sorry, Marc. Now, why was it a dumb bet for me? Because we bet a big dinner at Don Pepe Steakhouse, that's why. Big to me is a salad and an appetizer. Big to him is a chorizo appetizer and a 28 oz steak. Not good odds for me but I am glad I won. (He's glad, too)

I went to a birthday BBQ last weekend (Happy b-day Michele and Stacy) and saw many people who hadn't seen me in the last four months. Boy, were they ever surprised at how I look. Many of them offered me congratulations on how well I am doing. It still feels good to hear. However, I was surprised by a few who remain convinced that if I had just a little willpower and stick-to-it-ness, exercised more, I wouldn't have needed the LapBand. I guess that many people feel that way but (mercifully) don't share those thoughts. Imagine telling a lung cancer patient during their chemo they should have used more willpower and not smoked. Not to mention that numerous studies show that fat people "see" food differently than normal-weight ones.

To everyone who was interested at the party, I shared the essence of how I have come to view obesity and the LapBand. Some normal-weight people may argue with my ideas but unless you are fat (I find the word obese a little condescending) you are not in a position to disagree:

1- Fat people are fat because they usually don't process that they are full. This may be behavioral or physiological but the effect is the same.

2- Fat people fail on diets because they eventually get hungry. It doesn't matter what "trick" of the day they are using: Jenny Craig, Atkins, South Beach, etc. At some point they get hungry and then they will fail.

3- The LapBand, your little friend, whispers two important things to you: You are full and You are not hungry. That means that with a LapBand, you can go on a diet of your choosing and be successful. 

That is what I have done. Gone on a diet and have succeeded (so far) because I am not hungry.

Having said that, there are plenty of anecdotes about LapBanders who have failed. DUH! Merely having a LapBand doesn't guarantee success, you have to watch yourself forever. It won't prevent you from slurping milk shakes or eating ice cream. However, if you are thoughtful about your ongoing approach to food, you cannot fail because you can NEVER OVEREAT AGAIN. No more large pizzas, or double orders of fries or ... you get the picture. The LapBand is your friend!

Finally, a lot of people have questioned my commitment vis-a-vis the exercise thing. It will come in due time. It doesn't make me a bad person because I haven't started (AND my doctor has requested once again as of last week to wait before I start). So, PLEASE don't impose your value system on me and I promise not to impose mine on you. It makes me think of a clever sign I intend to get made: Enter but please leave your "shoulds" at the door.

Next update: My surgeon has requested me to share my insights with new potential patients.