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Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Dog Days of Summer - Heat, BBQ's and Plateaus

Boy is it hot out today! I guess no matter where you are in the country you are feeling it. Don't know much about global warming but I sure wish I could have a beer. For those of you who don't know, carbonated beverages are not allowed to us lapbanders. I haven't figured out if that is a forever thing or just temporary. It is on my list of questions for my next post-op appointment. 

Which brings me to my next point, sort of. Now that I am down 55 pounds (in 73 days) today, I found out I sweat less in the heat. I know, I know ... DUH! But it's true. Furthermore, I was able to walk with a spry step from the parking lot then several blocks today, none the worst for it. Up a flight of stairs, no huffing and puffing and voila I felt "normal." I've been doing a lot of that recently, feeling normal that is, I get hungryish around 1230 then again at 700 since I have gotten used to the 3-meal-a-day plan. Also, my calories are split evenly between the day now. I used to "save" my calories for one large dinner-fiesta that frequently turned into an orgy.

However, I went to a BBQ a few days ago and didn't feel so normal. Our hosts had prepared an appy of turkey sausage on the grill, of which I had a few small very well-done (my preference) pieces. No white wine for me as the others sipped away and no salad since it was an exquisitely prepared Caesar's. While they dined on steak and chicken I had 2 small hamburger patties, total 5 oz cooked, but no veggies cause they were sauteed and ditto the potatoes. OK. So maybe I didn't feel normal that night but I had a good time with some friends and family.

Over the last 10 days I hit an annoying but necessary plateau. I had done well the prior few weeks so even though I stay at less than 800 calories a day, the scale may jump ahead of the "true" weight loss. (for details of "true" weight loss, you may email me at I also have a data-massaging technique that factors out the plateaus and keeps your psyche balanced. (details on request)

However, I had a neat little drop in the last 2 days and I am now down 55 pounds in 73 days. Alas, I see I mentioned that above but you know what? I'm proud of it and I'm gonna say it twice!

Next: Vacay starting in a week!! What's a lapbander going to do?

Michael Pickert MD

Friday, July 8, 2011

Everyone is asking me ....

Today is my birthday. (Waiting for congratulations to subside) Everyone wants to know what I will be eating tonight to celebrate and will I go over 800 calories for the first time. In fact, a little while ago, EB's daughter invited me out for low-cal sugar-free Italian Ices and I had to decline. 
"Sugar-free, fat-free ice cream?"
"Umm, can you breathe air?"
"Yup as long as it is documented to be low-cal!"

Amusing, but the point is that right now I don't eat anything that I can't personally check as to its calorie content, or at least give a very good estimate. For example, a local diner advertises "grilled chicken and shrimp." Sounds good, right? Except that when I talked to the owner, it turns out that they marinate ALL the chicken and shrimp in the morning in oil! Oops. That is NG for me.  Hence, I wasn't going to assume that a local ices' place was serving exactly what they claim.

Which brings us to tonight. My niece and her husband celebrate the same special day that I do. Today it's their 10th anniversary. Happy a-day to you, Marc and Stacy. We typically go to fine dining restaurants. Tonight is no different. We are going to a lobster buffet, (The Manor in West Orange, NJ for my local friends) that also serves a plentiful of other delicious items. Think: cocktail hour at a black tie wedding to get the picture. 

I have planned out my gustatory assault- Chilled shrimp, smoked white fish, 2 lobster claws, baked salmon and a teaspoon of the best mashed potatoes you have ever eaten. Maybe 2 teaspoons. I intend to eat 500-550 calories at dinner which will be about 12-13 ounces of food. Of course I will bring my scale with me. No other accouterments at dinner, no wine,  no dessert, nothing. To prepare I had my usual breakfast of cream of wheat and 4 oz of yogurt, then for lunch I only had a salad  - lettuce, onion and cucumbers.

Total for the day: 780.

Happy birthday!

Next post will be when I go over 50 pounds lost.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

2 Months and 45 pounds down, ?? to go

End of MONTH 2 – 45 Pounds, almost halfway to my goal.

Okay, I know. I am not planning on being at my goal in just two more months. Repeat: I am not planning on being at my goal in two more months. I know that it is an improbable target. However, maybe four months is doable.

This has not been a great week, totals notwithstanding. I lost just three pounds and considering that I am eating 2300 calories per day fewer than I need to “maintain” my weight, I should be losing five every week. Yes, that’s greedy but it’s also simple arithmetic.

On a positive note I continue to expand my food choices. First, I began eating hot dogs (98% fat-free, 40 per dog) 

I finally had 2 oz of a baked potato (30 calories) in addition to my carrots. (steamed and well-done, 10 calories per oz) 

I have eaten so many carrots and  my vision is so much better that I can now see individual craters on the moon. 

I enjoyed my second glass of sangria a few nights ago. (4 ounces-25 calories/oz) Finally, I had a piece of chicken. (5 oz - white meat only, 35 calories/oz) 

 Special note: I use only yellow mustard as my condiment. (unlimited oz, 0/oz with a special  caveat: it makes you thirsty and of course, no drinking for an hour)

On a real-life note: everyone now notices that I have lost weight, even me. I see that I have lost one of my three chins. Of course some of that may be an illusion because I also got a long overdue haircut and beard trim. I got another new belt and retired tree pants and five shirts that are now wayyyyyy too big.

Finally, a brand new landmark: HB (aka Honey-bunny aka Eileen, my sig-other of 25 years) and I SHARED a dinner to my complete satisfaction.

Next week: could it be 50??

Michael Pickert MD