How many more pounds should I lose

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Look! There's the Finish Line!

4 months 2 weeks, 83 pounds down, 18 to go.

  • I am no longer heavy, just overweight (YEA)
  • I have decided that after I get to 101 pounds lost in 6 months I will lose another 10 (slowly)
  • I have not yet determined how to add calories to get to the 2300 I need to stop losing weight (I am still at 900-100/day)
  • I had my first beer. Dr. Abkin said I could have one every now and then. It was only so-so, causing a little discomfort.
  • My book proposal is almost ready for submission. For those who do not know, I am writing a self-help book called "I'm Michael and I WAS Fat" that will discuss an important but overlooked topic in a crowded field of diet books: sharing the mental process that leads to permanent weight loss success
  • More new clothes- jeans for the first time in 20 years (42 reg-fit waist down from 55 -relaxed fit)
  • I may not need the food scale soon, Eileen has an amazing eye for what foods weigh.
  • Speaking of Eileen, thanks again for signing the document that gives you the right to oversee my diet (ie. nag). Your constant reminders to eat slowly, chew completely and concentrate on my meals have kept me from "getting food stuck" and your listening has allowed me to understand the issues
  • Thanks also to everyone who has supported me; your good thoughts have given added strength


PS Happy birthday, Mom. ly


  1. You are doing soooooooooooooo well. An inspiration to all.

  2. your latest photo is absolutely incredible. to be able to accomplish what you have takes a lot of determination and strength. you look GREAT 11 i know u will keep it up until you reach your goal. i love