How many more pounds should I lose

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Yes, I Did!

Okay. I know 99 is not 100 but ...... it's close enough to say I did it, right?

I have decided to keep going. I want to lose another 12 or so but I will take my time. I need to start increasing my calories from my current 1100 or so up to the 2300 that is my daily breakeven. So I will naturally keep losing weight without trying very hard.

Then comes the rest of my life. People have asked me:

Are you going to keep counting calories? Yes, until I trust myself not to have to.
Are you going to exercise at long last?     Yes, I will. I have been saving it as my secret weapon to          
                                                              continue weight maintenance when I was done. (How's that for
                                                              a great rationalization? Thanks to my brother for figuring that one
Are you going to eat pizza again?            Yes, maybe a piece or 2 every now and then. However, I am
                                                             fearful of eating greasy or oily food because my system hasn't
                                                              seen it for so long, it may make me sick.
What are going to do on Thanksgiving?  This is easy! I won't have: salmon dip, corn chips, onion dip,
                                                             veggie dip, raw veggies, gravy, bread, crackers, dressing,
                                                             ketchup, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, and seconds of
                                                             turkey. Ditto pumpkin pie, pumpkin cookies, cherry tarts,
                                                             apple pie, jello mold, ice cream or sprinkles.
                                                             I will: bring my own salad+dressing, cooked broccoli and some
                                                             plain green beans for dessert. (Linda: read above)
Will you keep writing your blog?            Most definitely. This journey has no end.
How is your book coming along?           I will be getting my book proposal out next week, I hope with
                                                             my friend, Carrol's, help. She is eager to see me succeed.
When will you get some clothes that fit?  Next week
What is the big surprise you mentioned?  I will reveal all in 2 weeks.

Thanks for all your support, as always.



  1. this is one terrific feat that you have accomplished. truthfully tomorrow is 6 months from may 10th, the day of your lap tap surgery and therefore you need tomorrow's weight not today's you are only 2 away from 100 lbs according to number on your chart. am i correct? luv, ma

  2. oops it should have read .2 lbs not 2 lbs.

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