How many more pounds should I lose

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Honey I Shrunk My Waist!


8 months have passed since my surgery and I have exceeded my wildest expectations. Sure, I knew (hoped) I would hit my initial target goal of 100 pounds lost by the end of six months, but I am still losing about a pound a week now without really trying. I am down to 209 (from 319) and have set a final goal of 200.  I should be there by Passover/Easter.


I bought new clothes for a trip to Hawaii in early January. Shopping at a "normal" store for the first time since...let's see now... Reagan was president, I was pleased to learn that my waist is now 38 (from 55) and my jacket size is 44 regular (from 58 extra, extra husky). Along with my new measurements, I need to get my ring re-sized as well as my watch. Furthermore I itched the top of my shoulder recently and rediscovered my clavicle (collarbone). 

As most of you know, I shaved off my beard and I am chagrined to have to do that shaving thing every day. However, I am sort of glad because I get to see the new me in the mirror all the time. 


I am almost finished with my book, "I'm Michael and I WAS Fat." If anyone knows of a literary agent who would be interested in representing me, please contact me at A complete book proposal is available upon request.

DVD: (YES, I said DVD!)

I gave a copy of my book proposal to a dear friend and producer, Carrol Mendelson, who subsequently forwarded it to her partner and also to a production studio in Boston. One conversation led to another and then to meetings and conference calls after which Carrol came back to me a few weeks later. "Mick, Woody [he's the owner of the production studio], Danna [Carrol's partner and creative contributor]and I have an idea. We think that what you are doing is timely, cutting edge and you have a lot to offer on a personal level with your approach to your weight loss surgery. We want to take your book and convert it into a DVD. Woody says he can get a national release through a large distributor and ultimately bundle the book and the DVD. Danna has read through the proposal and thinks she can get a dynamite script for you and we have a publicist who can get you the right exposure to make it all happen. What do you think?"

Showing my remarkable grasp of the English language, I answered, "Uh-huh."

Carrol: "Seriously, Mick, We all think this could be big. Did I tell you I am going to reach out to Joe Bologna as a potential narrator?"

Me: "Huh!"

Carrol: "Well, think about it and get back to me."

A few days later I called Carrol back and told her to run with it. I'd do whatever it takes to be successful.

Carrol: "Great! So, are you done with the book so we can start working on it?"

Me: "Uh...uh..." 

Carrol: "Well, we really need that so get to work."

Me: "Ok."

And that's where we stand on the DVD project: Me, working on the book and Carrol lining up the talent and other moving parts to be ready to go when I can finish it. 

Oh yes, one other thing:
We are still taking investors for the project. We are limited to the number we intend to accept so if you are interested you should contact me soon at for information



  1. It's all very exciting Mickey!

  2. glad to be a part of this new adventure..hugs, Eileen