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Monday, May 30, 2011

End of Week 3----Surprise! Mickey's First Night Out

Status Report: End of week 3 of the New Life. We went to Pal's Restaurant last night and I had my first dinner out. Menu: Wine 4 oz, wait 30 minutes (per restrictions)Appetizer: String Beans(steamed) Main Course: 4 oz, Flounder, 3 oz string beans. Dessert: (at home) 2 tablespoon low-fat sugar-free choc pudding. Total cal: 300. Total for the day: 655. 

Mood: Ebullient

I also had my first post-op follow up on Thursday and the doctor was most pleased with my weight loss and my attitude. He okayed Phase 3 of the diet---regular food that is soft and mushy..."Anything you can mash easily with a fork such as soft-cooked veggies, flaky fish, tuna, egg whites." I said, "I can mash pizza with a fork." He laughed.

Next follow up is in a month when he may tighten the band if I need it. From my reading other blogs on lapband websites I see that my surgeon is unique in not having a set schedule of tightenings. Instead it is entirely up to me and my progress. If I am losing wight and don't need appetite-suppressant augmentation, we leave it alone. Otherwise, he tightens.

Last night Eileen and I mapped out a menu at our favorite restaurant that would keep me within the guidelines. I bundled up my scale, artificial butter flavoring and 3 family peeps (Stacy, Marc, Charney) who wanted to be there at "Mickey's First Meal." Unlike the other night at my niece's bris celebration, I didn't feel like I was in a fishbowl with everyone watching: "What is he eating? Can you see?" I detail the menu above.

I felt relaxed with them and great afterwards and am amazed that I could eat so little and be so satisfied!

As I write this, Eileen is calling from the other room if we can go somewhere tonight also. She has been so-o-o patient and supportive of the process, even eating home with me many times over the last few weeks. To those who know her, they know what a sacrifice that is for her. She also reviews my food intake carefully to keep me in line. She also can't wait to help me buy new clothes in a few months, too!

stay tuned


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