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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Week 6 report: minor plateau but no worries

OK, I knew this was going to happen and therefore I am not upset. Despite eating less than 750 calories  per day (my intimates know that I am obsessed with being accurate), I have only lost 5 pounds over the last two weeks. Total to date is 37 pounds in 6 weeks, an awesome total  so I am not worried. I have my next checkup this Thursday which is the first time I would be eligible for a tightening (a fill as we lapbanders call it) of the rubber band that is constricting my stomach. Yes, a rubber band-like gizmo. However, I won't get one nor does he advise one if the diet is going well. I think it is, how about you?

My blood pressure has stabilized after I discontinued (under doctor's orders) 3 of the 4 pills I was on. I snore less and I have more energy. DUH! I only have clothes down another thirty pounds or so then I will have to get a temporary wardrobe.

Next report: after my appointment on Thursday. Until then, please pass the mustard (5 calories per serving)

Michael Pickert MD


  1. you are doing remarkably well sticking to this keep up the good work mick and you will reach your goal when you are anticipating it.