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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Nearly seven weeks in: Checkup with Dr. Abkin, pizza and other happiness

My 6 week checkup went well, very well. Dr. Abkin who is a unique surgeon in that he doesn't have a set schedule of "tightening" the lapband says I am way ahead of schedule on weight loss: 40 pounds in 6 1/2 weeks. I'm sorry, I didn't say that loudly enough: 40 pounds in merely 6  1/2 weeks. Therefore, there is nothing to do but stay the course at this point. He prefers that I eat 800 calories per day but I am still stuck in the 650-750 range. I shall have to force myself to eat a tad more. Reread that sentence and be amazed, cause I sure as heck am. LOL! What a startling turn of events this is!

Then we reviewed a lot of "Can I eat this or can I eat that?" Turns out that those little sweet peppers that taste so good are ok (11 calories each), tomatoes, even with the skin are ok, brussel sprouts yes, asparagus no, broccoli sort of ok (no stems), ditto cauliflower, carrots yes, strawberries yes, crisp apples yes but mushy ones no (skin harder to digest).

Popcorn...........YES! "Please chew it well and get the high fiber 94% fat-free brands." "But of course, Dr."

Pizza.................YES! YEA! "Just one piece of thin crust, cut into little pieces, chew well and don't do it too often." I saluted, "Yes, sir, Captain Doctor."

We then spent a half-hour with his IT person discussing an on-line collaboration. This should help my book sales down the road.

Oh yes, that "we" would be my sig-other, Eileen Brenner, with whom I was forced to sign a document by the Dr's office that she had the right to keep me in line during the dieting period. Really! She has been immensely helpful in reminding me not to eat too quickly and take smaller bites. That last one is one of the hardest things to remember. I attribute her help for my not having any "clogging of the pipes" to date.

Thanks, HB. (Honey Bunny)

Michael Pickert MD


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  2. 40 is great #. amazing Mickey.

  3. wow !! you are not only amazing but remarkable and unbelievable to lose that much weight in such a short time. keep it up dear son of mine...

  4. Just started following your blog. I'm scheduled for surgery on 7/21. Great job on the weight loss ... I hope to do 1/2 that well !