How many more pounds should I lose

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Week 15: Next up: Exercise! aka "Get off your (less-fat) butt."

Everyone wants to know when I am going to start exercising regularly and why haven't I done it to date. Here goes: I'm LAZY!

I confess, exercise is not something I want to do. First of all, I know how little it contributes to the true weight loss results. If I walk for 45 minutes at a 3 mph pace, I will only burn 378 calories. Compare that number to the 2000+ I have been saving by eating less and you can see that the weight-loss benefits of exercise are minimal. BEFORE YOU START BARRAGING ME WITH EMAILS, I acknowledge that exercise will enhance my overall fitness and thus contribute mightily to the mental aspect of dieting. I got that.

But . . . I am lazy.

So what's a former fat guy (I am just heavy now, YEA!) to do? I guess it is time to start doing it for real. I'll begin with the treadmill 5 times per week and take it from there. Hang on, it's the phone....

OK. What just happened is know as serendipity. Others would call it a crazy coincidence, which is what serendipity means. I call it a SIGN. I just and I mean, JUST, got a phone call from my blood pressure specialist's office. My blood work was perfect EXCEPT my HDL's were low and my doctor recommends I ...... EXERCISE more. Now if that isn't a good reason to stop typing and skedaddle downstairs where the treadmill is, well then I just don't know. . .


I'm back. I survived it. I feel good. That is all for now. Fingers too weak to type.



  1. I am a BIG believer in exercise and glad to hear that it's a new goal for you. Helps me mentally and physically. :)

  2. I call the phone call: dumb luck ! Hope your fingers have recovered.

  3. hahahah, they have Cece. I started a spreadsheet to keep track of my progress. Stacy- I hope to agree with you soon

  4. very funny addition to your blog. watch tv while you are on your treadmill, especially the game shows GSN is a great channel. love, ma aka as charney pickert glick

  5. Michael..I had a stroke prior to being banded so I have other reasons as to why I can't do some exercises. I have noticed many bandsters having issues who do major workouts in the gym-wight stalling. My doctor believes you don't have to enter a gym..I believe in him.. walking, running (I can't do) and swimming (I do everyday) are the best forms of exercise to lose weight. I lost 130 lbs in 10 months very easily. I wish you continued success & cant wait to read more of your blog!

  6. @mrsbardo-- that's cause they eat too much. Ur total weight loss is amazing. What did u start at?

  7. Amazing progress. See you tonight!!!!