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Thursday, August 4, 2011

They said it would be tough - BUT THEY WERE WRONG

I just took my first vacation with my new, dear friend - no, EB and I are still together. I mean my new dear friend, the Lapband. Close friends and family were concerned that I might not be able to maintain my rigorous calorie-conscientious agenda. After all, when I am home, even when I am eating out for dinner, I have a lot more control over my intake. But on vacay? Could I do it?

The answer is: "YES, I CAN!"

We went to Wentworth by the Sea just outside of Portsmouth, NH with our summer traveling companions, Stu and Sheila. This is our 4th trip here and if you are looking for a beautiful ambiance with loads of nearby activities, I recommend this resort.

On the way up, it was a 5 hour drive, we stopped for lunch at a random diner I had found on my Magellan Nav- she picked a good one because I ordered a garden salad and a hamburger - very well done as always. (which reduces the fat content to almost nothing)I used my own calorie-free yellow mustard and a zero calorie dressing I brought with me. Total: 175 calories.

We met our friends here and then planned our dinners for the week. They were very sensitive to my needs but I assured them it would be fine. Night after night we wined and dined at the best restaurants Portsmouth and environs has to offer. My dinners consisted of a salad at every meal (with my dressing) and either a shrimp cocktail, a hamburger or some local fresh fish along with some baked potato or steamed veggies. The protein was 5-6 ounces, the baked potato was 3-4 ounces and the veggies were negligible. Several meals were accompanied by a glass (4-6 ounces) of wine but I never had more than one.

Breakfasts were easy: 1 cup mixed berries, 1 piece of toast with my calorie-free butter spray, 3-4 ounces of lox and 2-3 egg whites (hard-boiled)

Lunches were typically a salad with or without grilled shrimp on top. The concierge lounge served goodies around 5:00 but I resisted anything more than the veggies with an occasional glass of wine.

My calories for the week ranged from 750 to 1050 for the day. Yes, you heard correctly: I have finally gone over 800 calories in a day after 83 consecutive days under that amount! I have no regrets because eventually in the next 3 months I will need to start s-l-o-w-l-y increasing my intake.

Finally, a bit of other good news: Eileen and I went for several early morning walks of 45 minutes or so. I was none the worst for the wear: no huffing or puffing and I look forward to resuming the treadmill when we get home. Also, my blood pressure issues (I was ranging on the low side with my medications) have been straightened out so I don't fear lightheadedness anymore either.

For a change I am posting a picture of me at a restaurant. Notice my bottles of mustard, butter-free spray and 2 types of dressing. 

C U in a few weeks at 67 down, 33 to go!



  1. very enlightening information. i am so glad that u r able to enjoy ur meals albeit a minimal amount of wine and foods. keep it up and ur goal is not far off mick. love always.... ma/charney glick

  2. You are amazing !!!!!!!!! I'm so jealous but so happy for you. This is YOUR journey...and I'm thrilled that you brought me along. I know you are doing the "happy dance" and you should be. Keep it up.....Jean Fitz

  3. Oh that marina photo is beautiful ! Can you please tell me the name brands of the food in the photo (these old eyes could not make the names out). Thanks !