How many more pounds should I lose

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

2 Months and 45 pounds down, ?? to go

End of MONTH 2 – 45 Pounds, almost halfway to my goal.

Okay, I know. I am not planning on being at my goal in just two more months. Repeat: I am not planning on being at my goal in two more months. I know that it is an improbable target. However, maybe four months is doable.

This has not been a great week, totals notwithstanding. I lost just three pounds and considering that I am eating 2300 calories per day fewer than I need to “maintain” my weight, I should be losing five every week. Yes, that’s greedy but it’s also simple arithmetic.

On a positive note I continue to expand my food choices. First, I began eating hot dogs (98% fat-free, 40 per dog) 

I finally had 2 oz of a baked potato (30 calories) in addition to my carrots. (steamed and well-done, 10 calories per oz) 

I have eaten so many carrots and  my vision is so much better that I can now see individual craters on the moon. 

I enjoyed my second glass of sangria a few nights ago. (4 ounces-25 calories/oz) Finally, I had a piece of chicken. (5 oz - white meat only, 35 calories/oz) 

 Special note: I use only yellow mustard as my condiment. (unlimited oz, 0/oz with a special  caveat: it makes you thirsty and of course, no drinking for an hour)

On a real-life note: everyone now notices that I have lost weight, even me. I see that I have lost one of my three chins. Of course some of that may be an illusion because I also got a long overdue haircut and beard trim. I got another new belt and retired tree pants and five shirts that are now wayyyyyy too big.

Finally, a brand new landmark: HB (aka Honey-bunny aka Eileen, my sig-other of 25 years) and I SHARED a dinner to my complete satisfaction.

Next week: could it be 50??

Michael Pickert MD


  1. Such amazing milestones as you enter the next "birth" year....

  2. You must be soooooooooo proud of yourself. I'm really happy for you. Love your updates.
    Jean Fitz

  3. I love this latest blog. We will keep sharing one dinner romantic can we get.......HA! HA!

  4. what a phenomenal feat you have accomplished in such a short time !!!! with your upcoming birthday on friday you should celebrate with a few more calories that nite.(like a toast to another year) to say you look fantastic is just an understatement to say the least. keep it up dear mickey. i love this blog. ma

  5. Weight to go (away) ! Please tell me more about this low calorie sangria !

  6. What an awesome and entertaining blog! It truly is wonderful to have met you and I will be looking for the book! Keep working hard and laughing harder!