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Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Dog Days of Summer - Heat, BBQ's and Plateaus

Boy is it hot out today! I guess no matter where you are in the country you are feeling it. Don't know much about global warming but I sure wish I could have a beer. For those of you who don't know, carbonated beverages are not allowed to us lapbanders. I haven't figured out if that is a forever thing or just temporary. It is on my list of questions for my next post-op appointment. 

Which brings me to my next point, sort of. Now that I am down 55 pounds (in 73 days) today, I found out I sweat less in the heat. I know, I know ... DUH! But it's true. Furthermore, I was able to walk with a spry step from the parking lot then several blocks today, none the worst for it. Up a flight of stairs, no huffing and puffing and voila I felt "normal." I've been doing a lot of that recently, feeling normal that is, I get hungryish around 1230 then again at 700 since I have gotten used to the 3-meal-a-day plan. Also, my calories are split evenly between the day now. I used to "save" my calories for one large dinner-fiesta that frequently turned into an orgy.

However, I went to a BBQ a few days ago and didn't feel so normal. Our hosts had prepared an appy of turkey sausage on the grill, of which I had a few small very well-done (my preference) pieces. No white wine for me as the others sipped away and no salad since it was an exquisitely prepared Caesar's. While they dined on steak and chicken I had 2 small hamburger patties, total 5 oz cooked, but no veggies cause they were sauteed and ditto the potatoes. OK. So maybe I didn't feel normal that night but I had a good time with some friends and family.

Over the last 10 days I hit an annoying but necessary plateau. I had done well the prior few weeks so even though I stay at less than 800 calories a day, the scale may jump ahead of the "true" weight loss. (for details of "true" weight loss, you may email me at I also have a data-massaging technique that factors out the plateaus and keeps your psyche balanced. (details on request)

However, I had a neat little drop in the last 2 days and I am now down 55 pounds in 73 days. Alas, I see I mentioned that above but you know what? I'm proud of it and I'm gonna say it twice!

Next: Vacay starting in a week!! What's a lapbander going to do?

Michael Pickert MD

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  1. YOU ARE A SPECTACULAR PERSON IN MY BOOK. TO BE ABLE TO GO OUT FOR DINNER AND WATCH OTHERS ENJOY many of the FOODS THAT You like and are forbidden to eat/drink(by your choice) is amazing to anyone or everyone who has ever dieted. keep up the good work mick as yOU ARE MORE THAN HALF WAY TO GOAL. LOVE YA...MA