How many more pounds should I lose

Friday, July 8, 2011

Everyone is asking me ....

Today is my birthday. (Waiting for congratulations to subside) Everyone wants to know what I will be eating tonight to celebrate and will I go over 800 calories for the first time. In fact, a little while ago, EB's daughter invited me out for low-cal sugar-free Italian Ices and I had to decline. 
"Sugar-free, fat-free ice cream?"
"Umm, can you breathe air?"
"Yup as long as it is documented to be low-cal!"

Amusing, but the point is that right now I don't eat anything that I can't personally check as to its calorie content, or at least give a very good estimate. For example, a local diner advertises "grilled chicken and shrimp." Sounds good, right? Except that when I talked to the owner, it turns out that they marinate ALL the chicken and shrimp in the morning in oil! Oops. That is NG for me.  Hence, I wasn't going to assume that a local ices' place was serving exactly what they claim.

Which brings us to tonight. My niece and her husband celebrate the same special day that I do. Today it's their 10th anniversary. Happy a-day to you, Marc and Stacy. We typically go to fine dining restaurants. Tonight is no different. We are going to a lobster buffet, (The Manor in West Orange, NJ for my local friends) that also serves a plentiful of other delicious items. Think: cocktail hour at a black tie wedding to get the picture. 

I have planned out my gustatory assault- Chilled shrimp, smoked white fish, 2 lobster claws, baked salmon and a teaspoon of the best mashed potatoes you have ever eaten. Maybe 2 teaspoons. I intend to eat 500-550 calories at dinner which will be about 12-13 ounces of food. Of course I will bring my scale with me. No other accouterments at dinner, no wine,  no dessert, nothing. To prepare I had my usual breakfast of cream of wheat and 4 oz of yogurt, then for lunch I only had a salad  - lettuce, onion and cucumbers.

Total for the day: 780.

Happy birthday!

Next post will be when I go over 50 pounds lost.


  1. Happy birthday. I can 'feel'the control via your blog and I love it ! Congrats on the journey !

  2. i will now say that u sure r motivated and has shown much self-control and determination to be able to withstand the manor's food. boy am i proud of u !!!! keep it up my dear son and i love you very much. ma

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